Classic beauty abandoned in the dust

Photographed this abandoned MG convertible in the Kia Motors garage near Hyde Park (Colombo) a few years ago. Her roof was down. Every inch under a layer of dust. She had been left in the grim cavern of the work shop a long time. Yet she defied her neglect with wordless dignity. Amplifying an air … Continue reading Classic beauty abandoned in the dust

Shots of air attacker

My parents' place has come under repeated aerial attack on most afternoons. All types of preventative defence systems have proven to be a failure. When it happened on a day I was around I quickly grabbed a 200mm and managed to squeeze off a few shots. Naturally the attacker got a way. The images below … Continue reading Shots of air attacker

Cerno: Official photographer to UGF

A camera was thrust into my paws and I declared the official photographer by our Usual Group of Friends (UGF). It’s a trickery "job" than I anticipated. I'm already feeling the title's heft of responsibility on my shoulders. Its all my fault that I'm in this situation. I've been the one whose always up taking … Continue reading Cerno: Official photographer to UGF

Living next door to politicians

Living next door to politicians in Sri Lanka has the dynamics of living beside an elephant. The elephant's personality and status will define the nature of the relationship. The wisest thing you can do is keeping your distance with a quietly low profile. However the nature of such relationships involves too many variables to neatly … Continue reading Living next door to politicians

Unglamorous Colombo panorama

From its streets, Colombo is a warren of high walls and blocked off vistas. Unless you have the fortune/misfortune to live in one of those new high rise condos, you don't have much of a view. The recent commuting to hospital reminded me of some photos I took from the upper floors of Durdans Hospital … Continue reading Unglamorous Colombo panorama