Why Sri Lankans are late (the REAL reason)

It's a 3+ minute read about power and intimacy.


9 Essential Contacts You Need in Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan New Year is a time of renewal. A good time to look your extended network and ensure its links are strong. In a feudal society like ours, formal laws and norms are merely barriers of entry. To survive, let alone thrive, we need the right network of relationships. Even lesser beings like … Continue reading 9 Essential Contacts You Need in Sri Lanka

Rare success in explaining Sri Lanka to non Sri Lankans

I find it impossible to "explain" anything Sri Lanka related to non Sri Lankans. Until recently, I never thought it was possible. My own failures and those of others I have seen were catastrophes of miscommunication. Thankfully I have found an exception. Before revealing it to you, its essential to appreciate the difficulties of "explaining" … Continue reading Rare success in explaining Sri Lanka to non Sri Lankans

Indian Dinner Guest

He’s from somewhere small, obscure and violent in the wilds of Uttar Pradesh. So nasty that he had to flee to Dehli as a child. This is the first time he’s ever left India. You wouldn’t know that if you talked to him. Far removed from the “loud Indian” I’ve seen many Sri Lankans roll … Continue reading Indian Dinner Guest

Season’s thoughts, Colombo 2010

Sri Lanka's end of year "social season" is now in high gear. Family from 2 contents are here. Again. It sounds tedious, but I actually find this time to be interesting and insightful. It encapsulates the way we live now into memorable and "telling" moments. I have been unshackled from my desk at work for … Continue reading Season’s thoughts, Colombo 2010

Sri Lankan wedding photography etiquette

Its Sri Lanka's end of year wedding season — a dangerous time for the family photo person (the official photographer to family and friends). Polite requests of "you'll bring your camera, no?" are invitations to enter a social minefield. However a grasp of Sri Lankan wedding photo etiquette will save you from stepping on something … Continue reading Sri Lankan wedding photography etiquette

Good bye

A good friend of the Cernos' is migrating with his family to a cold, non third world place far away. The departure has been an odd experience for us and our group of friends. We feel happy at the break our friend is getting. Yet there is a vague sinking sense of loss that we … Continue reading Good bye