Coup theory

Sri Lanka's forth coming election date has one uncomfortable historical association. Election day falls on the day before the anniversary of the 1962 coup attempt was supposed to happen (January 27th). Fact that a former general is contesting the election has elevated this ignored anniversary into annoying prominence. It creates a cocktail of superficial symbolism … Continue reading Coup theory

Peace silences defence blogs

Defeat of LTTE terrorists seems to have silenced if not quietened two high traffic Sri Lankan defence blogs - Defence Net and Defence Wire. Defence Net, the one time star of the Sri Lankan blogosphere has been post-less for over a month (last post 19 May 2009 as I write). Its rival Defence Wire hasn’t … Continue reading Peace silences defence blogs

Post war Sri Lanka – the hard part begins

I never thought I'd see the day when the LTTE was militarily defeated. Or to hear that the death cult's leader is no more. The sense of relief that the war is over is shockingly exhausting. Feels like I have held my breath for most of my life and will have to learn how to … Continue reading Post war Sri Lanka – the hard part begins

Numbers accounted

Passed an 8th of a million, inching towards the 500th post. Its a long way from the first day and the its timid words. Of course I haven't said anything of worth and I'm safe in the knowledge that I never will. Meanwhile, on beaches which many would pay a lot of money to lie in the hot … Continue reading Numbers accounted

LTTE’s human shields: April 2009 satellite images

Update: Life in Taprobane has decisive analysis of satellite imagery regarding the LTTE's human sheilds. He also points out major error's in BBC's reports about the situation in Mullativu and challenges the LTTE terrorist's propaganda. US National Imagery Systems has released a satellite image (Dated April 2009) of  people held by the LTTE terrorists camped on the beaches in … Continue reading LTTE’s human shields: April 2009 satellite images