Art of Secret Colombo Short Cuts

Secret Colombo Short Cuts (SCSC) are complicated curries. Used with wisdom, they will get you from A to B via Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O, and P faster than any direct route. While everyone else rots in the city’s many parking lots (the naive mistake these for roads). Yet that wisdom must to be acquired. Either by gruelling ordeals … Continue reading Art of Secret Colombo Short Cuts

Trishaw details

When driving in Colombo or anywhere else for that matter, I instinctively check the blind-spot just before I turn. Inevitably there is a previously invisible three wheeler ready for a collision. I was stuck in traffic when I noticed this one sneaking up on me. At least it had an interesting design. Now its blogged … Continue reading Trishaw details

Sly trishaw graphics

One rare alignments of the planets I spot a gem on 3 wheel AND I have a camera ready. The image below is a outcome. Its not splashy by any means but check out the fun combination of details. And of course the chrome. Very few trishaws are cool without chrome.   The location is … Continue reading Sly trishaw graphics

BMW Peugeot three wheel taxi (Trishaw)

Trishaw (three wheel taxi) in the image below has an interesting use of BMW/Peugeot logos/car emblems. Most like those exalted European car makers will cringe. But I admire the style of this Euro car fan 😉 Of course don't forget to note the fancy fake chrome add-ons. It is obviously not as complex as the … Continue reading BMW Peugeot three wheel taxi (Trishaw)

Colombo airport midnight express

Midnight run to Sri Lanka's international airport is one of the most dangerous, exciting and exhausting modules in the deadly game of driving in Colombo. Usually I end up playing this module during Sri Lanka's December-January mating season. When overseas relatives descend for extravagant meat market pre-sex parties we Sri Lankans calls weddings. Their flights … Continue reading Colombo airport midnight express