Cannibalism in Sri Lanka: the living secret of paradise

The secret side of Sri Lankan life few outsiders taste.

Sri Lanka’s local adictive “hard” drug

This photo is a close up of Sri Lanka's indigenous answer to “hard” drugs. Yet it's completely legal. There are no withdrawal symptoms. The high lasts for quite a while. Cravings will not make you want to kill anyone. Taken in small doses over a long period, it is sure to kill you. So will … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s local adictive “hard” drug

Sri Lanka’s big vegetable from Google Earth

Vegetables are of enormous importance to plant eaters such as Cerno. Below is a Google Earth view of the Dambulla Economic Centre which sends out most of the vegetables sold in Colombo (hence the name). The closer the vegetables get to the city, the more battered and expensive they become. The Sunday Time on 5th … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s big vegetable from Google Earth

Where do you lunch?

Usually at my desk. Where I savour the delights so lovingly cooked and packed for me by spousal unit. I prefer to eat and work. Otherwise returning to the keyboard after a rice and curry in the afternoon is a powerful anaesthetic. I could easily pass out with my face in the keys and be … Continue reading Where do you lunch?

Happy New Year in April

"Sri Lankan" New Year (note lack of ethnic labels) in April is almost upon us shutting down the country. It is a tricky holiday to explain to non Sri Lankan friends abroad. The short version is it to cut through all the astrology induced rituals such as chicken kicking and describe it as a family … Continue reading Happy New Year in April