Migrant’s Pineapples

I left Italy when I was sixteen. It was just after the war. There was nothing to eat. Everything was damaged, broken. Our ship stopped in Ceylon. A place call Gorl. There was this fellow loading pineapples onto the ship. It was the first time I saw one. I asked him what it was. He … Continue reading Migrant’s Pineapples


Book burning against Galle Literary Festival to have low carbon foot print

Organisers of a book burning protesting the Galle Literary Festival have highlighted environmental credentials to gain demonstration permits. The spokesperson for the book burning denied their environmentalism is a tactic to get media attention. In a media release the organisers said : “We genuinely care about the ecological impact of free speech, democracy and politics. … Continue reading Book burning against Galle Literary Festival to have low carbon foot print

Handwritten blog post

Hand written blog posts are the next step down (or up) in analogue blogging ladder. After my typewritten blog post, a handwritten one was only a matter of time. The scan of the two pages is the result. Both this post and the typewritten blog post won't score high on the accessible rating which is … Continue reading Handwritten blog post

Galle road trip

Galle is reachable for a day trip, yet far enough to escape the Colombo life. The sort of journey that has medicinal properties. The better part of the deal is that Mrs Cerno loves to chariot - particularly on long trips. This results in a heavenly arrangement with her at the wheel of the Aston … Continue reading Galle road trip

Hikkaduwa School of Design 2

Honouring Jack Point's request, here's some more 🙂 Seems there's more interest in this than I thought. If you got interesting images of Sri Lankan signage with the Hikkaduwa School of Design touch please share the link in a comment. Scenery, Bed, Food and Booze Facing the parking lot of the Sinharaja restaurant on the … Continue reading Hikkaduwa School of Design 2

Galle Fort’s Living history

Here and there some boutique renovations of Bawa/Barefoot charm. At the other extreme dilapidated overgrown lots. Elsewhere stained walls of natives living unselfconsciously in ancient houses. Life as usual in the third world. All this framed by potholed narrow roads that thankfully tame speed demons. The war is far away. There are no checkpoints. A … Continue reading Galle Fort’s Living history

Pedlar’s Inn cafe, Galle Fort.

View from my seat at the Pedlar's Inn cafe, Galle Fort. Reminds me of a far better photograph by Dominic Sansoni of the Castle Hotel in Colombo (which I've blogged about). Eventually I'll get to blogging about the excellent lime juice they have there. Hopefully.