Meethotamulla garbage mountain aftermath from Google Earth

It’s less than a year after the Meethotamulla garbage mountain collapsed. After the usual media flare, the tragedy has faded from the public minds-cape. Yet Mount Meethotamulla is still in the landscape refusing to go away. Post collapse Google Earth screen grab below show the post collapse spread. Which smothered communities and lives. The landslide … Continue reading Meethotamulla garbage mountain aftermath from Google Earth

Sri Lanka’s eastern most point from space

Sri Lanka's easternmost point, Sangamankanda (also referred to a Sangaman Kanda), sits on a wide, isolated beach with an abandoned light house. Good for an opening shot of an arty independent film. Inevitably about some sort of inner turmoil. I've never "heard" of this place and only came across it by a very round about … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s eastern most point from space

360 degree view from Sigiriya mountain summit lets you create and share panoramas from multiple photographs without using any graphics software. The system is geared to share your creations via numerous social networking sites such as Blogger, Facebook ect. Though the site is still under development I was able to create a 360 degree panorama of view from the summit of Sigiriya mountain quite easily.

Buddhist Hindu bi-cultural life Sri Lanka

Sri Ponnambalavaneswarar Hindu temple (Kovil), has always been referred to as the “Gal Kovila" (literal translation: "Stone Kovil") in my family’s short hand. The term is most likely due to the granite which is the primary material used in its construction. The granite exterior is matched by the restrained exquisite stonework inside which gives the … Continue reading Buddhist Hindu bi-cultural life Sri Lanka

Family Kovil Colombo Sri Lanka

Buddhist and Hindu cultures have coexisted seamlessly in my family. It extends to relationships with religious institutions as well. On the Buddhist side there is Asokaramaya, which has a long presence in family history. For more regular religious maters there's the smaller temple down our road. Palaya Kadiresan Kovil (pictured in the Google Earth screen … Continue reading Family Kovil Colombo Sri Lanka