Remember Google?

Not many people remember Google these days. Most need to look it up. A sad irony for a company whose name was once a verb for that very act. Now it is a historical foot note. An academic short hand for dominance killed by ecological shifts. At its peak, Google's algorithms defined human knowledge in … Continue reading Remember Google?


OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011

Sinhala language display capability on OS X has improved. It actually readable since I last whined about it 3 years ago. All that's require is installing Nick Shank's Mac version of Malithi Web (there are other fonts for those with the time to Google further). Its easy on the eyes on my Macbook pro running … Continue reading OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011

I parë në gjuhën shqipe blog post (first blog post in Albanian)

This blog post is written in Albanian. Click here for a translation. Ky është postimi i parë mi blog në shqip. Unë nuk flas shqip. I shkroi këtë në anglisht. I përdorur Google përkthehet për të krijuar fjalë shqipe jeni duke e lexuar. Pra, pse është një person nga Sri Lanka shkrim një blog post … Continue reading I parë në gjuhën shqipe blog post (first blog post in Albanian)

Are you feeling lucky? Try this google search

Go to, or what ever version of google you use. Type in how to build a radar or build you own radar. Then click the "I'm Feeling lucky" button. Where does it take you? Let me know through the comment box below.

Try this google search

Go to the google home page (doesn't matter if its or Type: Vehicle graphics Sri Lanka Click the "I'm feeling lucky" button Tell me where it takes you in the comment box below. If it leads back to this blog, there's odd going on.

First web tips for MMX (2010)

Google converts "normal" numbers to Roman numerals. All you need to do is type 2010 in Roman numerals into Google. There, I've done it. No more dithering about finding an "auspicious" topic for the year's first post. The web's going to look interesting with the ability to use a greater variety of fonts on website. … Continue reading First web tips for MMX (2010)

360 degree view from Sigiriya mountain summit lets you create and share panoramas from multiple photographs without using any graphics software. The system is geared to share your creations via numerous social networking sites such as Blogger, Facebook ect. Though the site is still under development I was able to create a 360 degree panorama of view from the summit of Sigiriya mountain quite easily.