Painting again

Painting again after a long lapse. Began the night before in a bout of what felt like desperation. Grabbed the old drawing book and lathered it with old oil pastels. Last night after several frustrating attempts a flicker of hope. Felt like resuscitating an old pickup truck that was left in the weeds for two long. … Continue reading Painting again


Good bye Linux

A few weeks ago I gave up a Linux shell account I had for almost 7 years. It was/still is hosted in a data centre on a continent far far away. Little did I realise the realisations it would trigger. The reason  for giving it up was quite straight forward. Too many email accounts/log-ins to … Continue reading Good bye Linux

Suicide note

It was knife's fork tongued tip of two little spikes that made me realise I had a way out. The white plastic handle and a serrated edge added to the reassuring look of being the sharpest thing in the kitchen. A simple matter of going down stairs on yet another sleepless 3am and ending my … Continue reading Suicide note

Man’s guide to buying Feminine Hygiene Products

This post is required reading for newly married or about to be married men. Fact is if you are married (or in a live-in relationship) it is inevitable that you'll will be called upon to buy Feminine Hygiene Products (FHP). This post outlines a simple procedure to remove all the drama and the tension from … Continue reading Man’s guide to buying Feminine Hygiene Products

Jaffna relatives

I am not related to Vēluppillai Pirapākaran however distantly. Stories by friends of relatives that Vēluppillai Pirapākaran once served them dinner doesn't count. My Jaffna connection is a branch of the family tree that broke off in a pre WW2 elopement (shocking no?). Jaffna Brahmins of that era didn't take the elopement of offspring lightly. … Continue reading Jaffna relatives

Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Image below shows (with close up details) of a rare powerful piece of non religious public sculpture in Sri Lanka. Rare in that it is NOT embarrassing to look at. It actually communicates a human emotion that touches a suspicious nut like me who is sceptical about everything — including cynicism. Non religious monumental art … Continue reading Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project – what you can do.

Quite a few people liked the idea of my post about publishing the best 100 Sri Lankan blog posts in a book. Some floated good ideas on the specific details. So I have decided to follow up with this "what happens next post". This post is about some easy guidelines to simplify how YOU (yes … Continue reading Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project – what you can do.