Post 850 : 14 years of blogging

I started this blog 14 years ago today. It’s been a long decline since the spike of the early years. In the last few, the posting rate went off the cliff. The odd part is that my writing increased. While the blog’s been quiet, I’ve written more words than ever before. It goes into a … Continue reading Post 850 : 14 years of blogging

Are you being entertained ? An alternative

I find myself avoiding passive entertainment media. It goes beyond avoiding TV (its been 6 years). It extends to an aversion for films, online videos, digital games of any kind. Absorbing or interacting with visual content designed to amuse me is draining. At the end of it I feel I’ve wasted life’s ultimate resource - … Continue reading Are you being entertained ? An alternative

Seeing clearly

Handwriting made up of scratchy lines pop into crisp shapes. It doesn’t matter that years of keyboarding has rendered penmanship to scrawl. Reading text on paper has stopped being a strain. The annoyance of frozen text size is gone. The relief has the feel of entering the cool shade of a tree in the glare … Continue reading Seeing clearly

Find out if you actually value life in 2+mins

You might think you do. But do your actions really prove that? This 2min read gives a rough guide to finding out.

Original Sri Lankan Hackers

They built Sri Lanka’s bridges, roads, power grid, dams and other infrastructure we take for granted. You may have heard a few names - Wimalasurendra, Kularathne - in passing. The rest never got the recognition required to be forgotten. Yet their work still stands. Despite a decaying state bureaucracy poisoned by Sri Lanka’s feudal politics. This … Continue reading Original Sri Lankan Hackers