My Flickr photos are now public domain

I am not a photographer. Just another slob who takes the occasional photo. For centuries I have had a neglected Flickr account.  I used it to hold photos illustrating blog posts. Now I have decided to put the photos I've taken into the public domain.  What that means, to quote the Creative Commons description is … Continue reading My Flickr photos are now public domain

Film Photography : Non Digital Stop On A Photographic Journey

These film photographs are hard won victories from my non digital photography days. A time of despairing struggle. Trying to understand the voodoo of F-stop and aperture. Recorded by piles of over or under exposed disasters. Took me years to realise the cause. Technical incompatibilities between my ancient Nikon’s “semi automatic” settings and its Sigma … Continue reading Film Photography : Non Digital Stop On A Photographic Journey

Ancestral protrait 1938

The photograph is black and white of course. Time has slightly yellowed its lighter shades of gray. Its clearly taken at some sort of party in the evening. The two of them are barely recognizable. She is striking young and beautiful. The sari feels glamorous and contemporary. He has hair, no visible cigarette and wears … Continue reading Ancestral protrait 1938

Last film camera photograph

Scan of a photograph taken with the last (and only) film camera I had. Any positive elements in the image is the result of unbelievable luck (which can be easily mistaken as "talent"). The grumpy old Nikon was quite a fussy character which I never quite understood. It never got along with its lens. Yet … Continue reading Last film camera photograph

I’m too sexy for my shirt (art of photo captions)

A shameless appreciation of the art of photo-captions in the Economist magazine