Captured terrorist air strips: new hope for Civil Aviation in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka Air Force is to establish new bases at two former LTTE air strips at Iranamadu and at Mulliyawali near Mullaitivu.  The Lankapuvath news item (26th of May 2009) about this latest development has only two details: The Iranamadu airstrip (made famous by the first LTTE air raid on Colombo in 2007) will be … Continue reading Captured terrorist air strips: new hope for Civil Aviation in Sri Lanka?


Strange Trishaw

This is possibly the strangest trishaw I have spotted so far. Odd how just one element of its design can change the look. Perhaps its just me. The picture is below for you to decide. Verdict goes in the comment box,

Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Image below shows (with close up details) of a rare powerful piece of non religious public sculpture in Sri Lanka. Rare in that it is NOT embarrassing to look at. It actually communicates a human emotion that touches a suspicious nut like me who is sceptical about everything — including cynicism. Non religious monumental art … Continue reading Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

People watching Colombo Sri Lanka

People watching in Colombo is more interesting in December. Hordes of expatriate Sri Lankans here - resulting in gobs of family “get togethers” around the season’s pre-sex parties. I am on leave after many months at the yoke and I have been assigned to the family transport pool. My official responsibility is getting expiate family … Continue reading People watching Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo sunset

Cut open a ripe mango and there it is - the glorious orange of a classic Colombo sunset. I've been unable to properly reproduce in any media - digital or otherwise. Of course if you've got access to ripe mangoes you are very lucky. Or you live here and know the colour. For me it … Continue reading Colombo sunset

Graphic design of war

These are images of what might be termed as "pro-military" / "pro-war" / "pro-government" posters and bill boards seen in around Colombo. Click on the images for commentary about each of the images. I've taken a crack at translating the slogans to English though its turned out to be harder than I thought to find … Continue reading Graphic design of war

Service Excellence Sri Lanka

Customer service horror stories are a bonding conversation topic. The trauma cuts across most barriers of identity and other human eccentricities. Similar to the shared ordeals of Colombo traffic. Mentioning regular encounters with consistent excellence sounds like gloating. The perception is that good service is a luxury - acquired at high costs which the recipient … Continue reading Service Excellence Sri Lanka