Ridi Vihare – Silver Temple Sri Lanka

Ridi Vihare -"Silver Temple" in Sinhala - is a historic cave temple on the road to Sri Lanka's ancient cities -an easy day trip away from Colombo. At first glance it looks like a large well supported rural temple nestled in the lush landscape. Looks are of course deceiving. Its treasures are subtle and hidden … Continue reading Ridi Vihare – Silver Temple Sri Lanka

Handwritten blog post

Hand written blog posts are the next step down (or up) in analogue blogging ladder. After my typewritten blog post, a handwritten one was only a matter of time. The scan of the two pages is the result. Both this post and the typewritten blog post won't score high on the accessible rating which is … Continue reading Handwritten blog post

Good bookshop, Colombo Sri Lanka

Godage Book Emporium, Colombo carries books by Sri Lanka based writers. Specifically those writing in Sinhalese and Tamil. The type outside the markets of Barefoot and Vijitha Yapa - and old Sinhala favourites I read in School. Found both at . You can't miss the place with the name painted professionally on the sides. The … Continue reading Good bookshop, Colombo Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan blogger featured in Daily Mirror

The front page article on today's (14th Sept 2007) Mirror Life section is about the launch of Brandon Ingram's (brandix of The Black Lullaby) book "The Fairy Dance". Nothing to do with blogging 🙂 but that's what I bet most of the Sri Lankan Blogosphere knows him as... Hope more info about getting the book … Continue reading Sri Lankan blogger featured in Daily Mirror

Arts That Matter Barefoot cafe Colombo

Most of the Colombo based Sri Lankan blogosphere must have been at the Arts That Matter (The Awakening). Perhaps that is why the SL blogosphere has been fairly quiet about the event - like revellers recovering from a very satisfyingly good bash. Firstly for the those who weren't there: it was a FUN, fantastic show. … Continue reading Arts That Matter Barefoot cafe Colombo