Peace silences defence blogs

Defeat of LTTE terrorists seems to have silenced if not quietened two high traffic Sri Lankan defence blogs - Defence Net and Defence Wire. Defence Net, the one time star of the Sri Lankan blogosphere has been post-less for over a month (last post 19 May 2009 as I write). Its rival Defence Wire hasn’t … Continue reading Peace silences defence blogs

NGO friends vs NGO sceptic friends

Managing friends who work for Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and NGO sceptic friends have always been the trickiest balancing act of Colombo's social scene. Mrs C and I avoid the inevitable verbal trench warfare over politics by meeting the two groups separately. But there are occasions when the two groups do meet. Resulting in a … Continue reading NGO friends vs NGO sceptic friends

LTTE Terrorists doomed by historic curse

Failure of LTTE’s 9/11 style air attack on Colombo emphases an unmentioned historical curse that has LTTE. This curse has repeated itself throughout history. Namely the historical fact that no  separatist group with any form of air power has ever survived — let alone achieved its objectives. The examples begin with Katanga secessionist in the 1960s who … Continue reading LTTE Terrorists doomed by historic curse

War isn’t over yet

Celebrations over Killinochchi's capture shouldn't hide the fact that the war is over. When it does finish the truly hard part will begin

Documentary: Special Task Force Sri Lanka on you tube

Documentary about Sri Lanka's Special Task Force (STF) is available on Youtube - many thanks to Lankika who kindly posted the links in a comment. The documentary is part of a series called "Chris Ryan's Elite World Cops" aired on the Bravo channel. This episode of the documentary follows ex SAS member Chris Ryan interviewing … Continue reading Documentary: Special Task Force Sri Lanka on you tube