Pandemic in 2017 Sri Lankan Sci Fi novel

COVID-19 takes Yudhanjaya Wijeratne’s unnerving Numbercaste to another level of frightening. This quote from the book (pictured below) gives an indication of its uncanny ability to hint at future realities. The future Sri Lanka is shown as having a population of 15 million. The reason: ..Sri Lanka once was home to over twenty five million … Continue reading Pandemic in 2017 Sri Lankan Sci Fi novel

Road trips during a plague

Traveling for its own sake is an education. Making both the luxuries of privilege. Road trips in a time of a plague is madness. Besides getting sick, there are mountains of logistical barriers. Curfew passes, securing lodging, fuel, scared locals. The list goes on if you spend time worrying about it. If you have the … Continue reading Road trips during a plague

Astrologers blamed for COVID-19 crisis

It’s an inauspicious start to the Sinhala-Tamil new year for Sri Lanka’s astrologers. Sri Lankans are lashing out at their astrologers for failing to raise the alarm about the COVID-19 crisis. The rage of a nation entering its first month under an indefinite curfew is growing. Curfew defying mobs outside the offices of prominent astrologers … Continue reading Astrologers blamed for COVID-19 crisis turns 15 today

Long forgotten Sri Lankan blog aggregator went live 15 years ago (details at the end of this post). For most of the handful of people who are reading this, the previous sentence will read as an irrelevance. is an artefact of Sri Lanka’s early 21st century “Digital Culture”. I had the privilege of … Continue reading turns 15 today

Working from home : what you will miss

You are one of the fortunate few. The elite who have access to food. Where you can do your job through a web browser. Thus stay employed - at least for a while. Whining about the “drawbacks” of “working from home” is an act of high minded insolence. So it’s worth while taking a hard … Continue reading Working from home : what you will miss