Powerful art show

Saw a contemporary art show in Colombo that had an unexpected personal impact. That's rare.

Free Traditional Sinhala Motifs and Designs

https://flic.kr/p/KCHe4q I added digitised drawings of traditional Sinhala designs and motifs to my Flickr account. They are licensed as public domain works. You can use them for any purpose without needing permission from me. Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to name them yet. That will be another project. So is cleaning these … Continue reading Free Traditional Sinhala Motifs and Designs

Colombo Museum mystery post cards

These are two ancient postcards from the Colombo Museum. Classy aren't they? No tourist board earnestness about Sri Lanka and paradise. Just a photo of the object. Followed by a minimal caption. The sepia photos and the ageing of the cards makes both timeless. They become artefacts of a different time. Yet there is nothing … Continue reading Colombo Museum mystery post cards

Can you explain this billboard ?

I think this is an incomplete bill board. Or its heavily encrypted with super secret symbolism readable only to cult members or symbologists. My regular commute doesn't take me on this route anymore - snapped it during the holiday scurrying around. So I'm not sure if its complete by now. If you can interpret what … Continue reading Can you explain this billboard ?

Panorama: Geoffrey Bawa’s 33rd lane house roof top

The only evidence of my clandestine visit to Geoffrey Bawa’s Colombo house at No 11, 33rd lane is the panorama pictured below. Its made up of photos I quickly shot from the upper level of the roof top terrace - “The Tower” as its called. An interactive version is on my profile at dermandar.com - … Continue reading Panorama: Geoffrey Bawa’s 33rd lane house roof top