Humans need accountable AI design

Why we must demand transparency/auditing on AI , Machine Learning algorithm design AND the data quality used to "train" AIs.

Remember Google?

Not many people remember Google these days. Most need to look it up. A sad irony for a company whose name was once a verb for that very act. Now it is a historical foot note. An academic short hand for dominance killed by ecological shifts. At its peak, Google's algorithms defined human knowledge in … Continue reading Remember Google?

Audio books saved my reading life

I owe the survival of my reading life to audio books, magazine audio editions and text to speech technology. Without them, my reading would be limited to tweets, skimming over web sites or pawing through abandoned waiting room magazines. I use the term "audio books" to refer to all three categories. Being read to by … Continue reading Audio books saved my reading life

How to build your own Radar update – 2 videos

Found two interesting videos that talk about building your own radar system using cheap/discarded hardware. Naturally it does require quite a bit of brain power. However the videos themselves are easy to follow (relative to the topic at hand). For an overview of what exactly I'm talking about read my conceptual overview on how to … Continue reading How to build your own Radar update – 2 videos

OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011

Sinhala language display capability on OS X has improved. It actually readable since I last whined about it 3 years ago. All that's require is installing Nick Shank's Mac version of Malithi Web (there are other fonts for those with the time to Google further). Its easy on the eyes on my Macbook pro running … Continue reading OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011