OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011

Sinhala language display capability on OS X has improved. It actually readable since I last whined about it 3 years ago. All that's require is installing Nick Shank's Mac version of Malithi Web (there are other fonts for those with the time to Google further). Its easy on the eyes on my Macbook pro running … Continue reading OS X Sinhala language display capability – mid 2011

Your emails 5000 years later

Present day Iraq is littered with 5000 year old memos, invoices, account ledgers, personal letters, business correspondence, payrolls, legal documents and the bureaucratic "paperwork" kings. All of which were originally written on slabs of wet clay commonly referred to as Cuneiform (indopedia.org has a brief overview for the impatient). When dry, these "documents" become rock … Continue reading Your emails 5000 years later

Good bye Linux

A few weeks ago I gave up a Linux shell account I had for almost 7 years. It was/still is hosted in a data centre on a continent far far away. Little did I realise the realisations it would trigger. The reason  for giving it up was quite straight forward. Too many email accounts/log-ins to … Continue reading Good bye Linux

Are you the family “computer person”? V 2.0

Are you the family "computer person"? The one summoned when a parent's/uncle's/aunt's/elder relatives' PC has problems or "set up"? I found myself in this role without realising it. Fact is you don't have much choice. My parents' generation has adapted surprising well to personal computers-for people who lived in the low tech third world for … Continue reading Are you the family “computer person”? V 2.0

Family computer person – are you one?

The text for this post got mysteriously delete 😦 No idea how or why. But I reposted it again - and so far it hasn't gone away. Apologies for the extra click.