Mastering Colombo traffic with secret short cuts : practical steps

This post covers the practical parts of mastering Secret Colombo Short Cuts (SCSC). If you don’t know what that means read the 2+ minute intro post. It will prepare you to master the Triple Swords of Colombo Traffic. These are: Geography (physical and social) Climate (political and meteorological) Whims of traffic deities Their purpose is … Continue reading Mastering Colombo traffic with secret short cuts : practical steps


Art of Secret Colombo Short Cuts

Secret Colombo Short Cuts (SCSC) are complicated curries. Used with wisdom, they will get you from A to B via Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O, and P faster than any direct route. While everyone else rots in the city’s many parking lots (the naive mistake these for roads). Yet that wisdom must to be acquired. Either by gruelling ordeals … Continue reading Art of Secret Colombo Short Cuts

Trishaw details

When driving in Colombo or anywhere else for that matter, I instinctively check the blind-spot just before I turn. Inevitably there is a previously invisible three wheeler ready for a collision. I was stuck in traffic when I noticed this one sneaking up on me. At least it had an interesting design. Now its blogged … Continue reading Trishaw details

Strange Trishaw

This is possibly the strangest trishaw I have spotted so far. Odd how just one element of its design can change the look. Perhaps its just me. The picture is below for you to decide. Verdict goes in the comment box,

Sly trishaw graphics

One rare alignments of the planets I spot a gem on 3 wheel AND I have a camera ready. The image below is a outcome. Its not splashy by any means but check out the fun combination of details. And of course the chrome. Very few trishaws are cool without chrome.   The location is … Continue reading Sly trishaw graphics

People watching Colombo Sri Lanka

People watching in Colombo is more interesting in December. Hordes of expatriate Sri Lankans here - resulting in gobs of family “get togethers” around the season’s pre-sex parties. I am on leave after many months at the yoke and I have been assigned to the family transport pool. My official responsibility is getting expiate family … Continue reading People watching Colombo Sri Lanka

What’s your favourite view in your home town?

Mine's the view facing east towards Havlock Road down Lester James Peris Mawatha (formerly Dickman's Road). Seen from the Duplication Road traffic lights. You can view the location on Google Earth until I lug a camera that way. Which won't be anytime soon. I no longer go that way these days. Even when I did, there was … Continue reading What’s your favourite view in your home town?