Immaculate old Mercedes Benz

I'm not a car buff. Yet I'm quick to drool at old cars in fine condition. This mid 20th century Mercedes Benz is a classic example. Saw if cruising through the madness of Colombo traffic. It's dignity got my attention before I realised how well maintained it was. Worlds away from the condition of another … Continue reading Immaculate old Mercedes Benz

Flights to Arugam Bay, Pottuvil: Ampara airport a vital hub

There is a lot of talk about opening up the treasures of Sri Lanka's neglected east coast (such as Arugam bay/Pottuvil) to the wider world. However one of the biggest obstacles to such a process it getting there. Currently Arugam bay/Pottuvil is a 8 hour drive from Colombo - which doesn't compare well with the … Continue reading Flights to Arugam Bay, Pottuvil: Ampara airport a vital hub

Fantasy bus

Western fantasy theme vehicle graphics are rare in Sri Lanka. The image below shows the only one I have ever seen. It would seem that Anura Advertising (the most frequent credit seen on bus art work in Sri Lanka) is diversifying its themes. The composition in this example seems to be more unified than the … Continue reading Fantasy bus

Sri Lankan Drive through

Image of a roadside snack stall below was photographed from a speeding chariot somewhere in rural Sri Lanka. Sadly didn't pause to check the menu. The lives of the people in such areas are a world away from the virtual universe of blogs and brawls of the media sphere. Despite their lush landscapes, places such as these are … Continue reading Sri Lankan Drive through

Strange Trishaw

This is possibly the strangest trishaw I have spotted so far. Odd how just one element of its design can change the look. Perhaps its just me. The picture is below for you to decide. Verdict goes in the comment box,