Death threat poster that works

I snapped this photo of a poster with a death threat while going though an old Colombo short cut. Its inclusively in three languages. The cause of these threats is the dumping of garbage on vacant property or public places. It tends to happen a lot on small private roads. When I used to take … Continue reading Death threat poster that works

Family Kovil Colombo Sri Lanka

Buddhist and Hindu cultures have coexisted seamlessly in my family. It extends to relationships with religious institutions as well. On the Buddhist side there is Asokaramaya, which has a long presence in family history. For more regular religious maters there's the smaller temple down our road. Palaya Kadiresan Kovil (pictured in the Google Earth screen … Continue reading Family Kovil Colombo Sri Lanka

Confronting the child beater next door – sucessfully

Gypsy Bohemia wrote a powerful account of domestic violence and child abuse in Sri Lanka. It left me wordless for a long while. This post grew in that silence and didn't let me write anything else. Gypsy’s post spotlights a citizen's burden when confronted with a neighbour’s child abuse and domestic violence. It places questions of … Continue reading Confronting the child beater next door – sucessfully

My old girl duties as a HOG

One of the many consequences of a Sri Lankan marriage is that you marry into social networks that you never though you would be a part of. Your spousal unit's Old Girls (or Boys) Association -OGA/OBA  (Sri Lankan for high school alumni associations) is one of them. Like my farther in law unit, I have … Continue reading My old girl duties as a HOG

Jaffna relatives

I am not related to Vēluppillai Pirapākaran however distantly. Stories by friends of relatives that Vēluppillai Pirapākaran once served them dinner doesn't count. My Jaffna connection is a branch of the family tree that broke off in a pre WW2 elopement (shocking no?). Jaffna Brahmins of that era didn't take the elopement of offspring lightly. … Continue reading Jaffna relatives