Superman bus art

I don't usually risk photographing (fumbling for which a phone camera) bus art while driving. However the bus featured below felt worth the calculated risk (I was at a red light). Like the fantasy bus highlighted in a previous post, this one's back art featuring superman is a refreshing departure from the usual photo montage … Continue reading Superman bus art

Aero-matic rice truck art

Sri Lanka's traditional wooden chase trucks have an interesting mix of traditional and modern motifs. This example (a rice truck I suppose) seems to emphasis the modern. Despite the otherwise familiar landscape vignettes , the collision course airplanes give a the design an unusual sense of movement. Air traffic control people will find this slightly … Continue reading Aero-matic rice truck art

Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Image below shows (with close up details) of a rare powerful piece of non religious public sculpture in Sri Lanka. Rare in that it is NOT embarrassing to look at. It actually communicates a human emotion that touches a suspicious nut like me who is sceptical about everything — including cynicism. Non religious monumental art … Continue reading Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Pictorial record of Sri Lankan web design

iSpide is a blog that goes around taking screen captures of what seems to be mainly Sri Lankan websites. It has been snapping away since march 2007! The result is a pictorial record of Sri Lankan websites that I think has a definite graphic design history value. Specially in a country where the form and … Continue reading Pictorial record of Sri Lankan web design

Vehicle graphics Sri Lanka – minimalist truck art

With his lense(s) Deshan has been cataloguing many things in Sri Lanka quite skilfully. Vehicle graphics is a minor collection in his image mountain. His pic of a restrained example Sri Lanka vehicle graphics is quite a contrast to the more common visual destiny found in the wooden genre of truck art.