Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website

Update Dec 1, 1300hrs GMT The Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website seems to have turned off its reservation feature. There's a link to separate page with the anchor text of "We are working to restore a symbol of Mumbai’s enduring spirit and dignity." It leads to a site titled "Special Situation" which seems to be a well structured statement responding … Continue reading Taj Mahal Palace hotel Mumbai website


Pictorial record of Sri Lankan web design

iSpide is a blog that goes around taking screen captures of what seems to be mainly Sri Lankan websites. It has been snapping away since march 2007! The result is a pictorial record of Sri Lankan websites that I think has a definite graphic design history value. Specially in a country where the form and … Continue reading Pictorial record of Sri Lankan web design

Computer desktop screen shot festival

What does your computer desktop say about you - as a computer user and a blogger? The answer is interestingly arguable. The safest answer is that it depends on the blogger/human. Contribute to the discussion by posting a screen shot of your computer's desktop - with some part of your blogs's admin panel in the … Continue reading Computer desktop screen shot festival

50000+ hits 435 days later

Passed the 50000 hits mark a few days back - my rough estimate is that it was sometime around the 16th of April. The 435 day count is what the day Counter spat out. During that time I've banged out 234 posts. I wonder exactly how much of that 50000 figure would be left after … Continue reading 50000+ hits 435 days later

Strange Google keywords

Lately I have noticed that my blog has been getting quite a lot of traffic from Google searches. Some of the search phrases are quite bizarre. The one circled in red in the image below (you may have to scroll down a bit) is a classic 😯 Seems I have inadvertently created a esoteric niche. … Continue reading Strange Google keywords

Kottu.org 3 years old today

Sri Lanka's primary blog aggregator, Kottu.org past the 3 years mark today (5th April 2008). I'm basing this on findings I blogged about on Kottu.org passing the 1000 day mark. Though it aggregates only a fraction of Sri Lankan blogs, Kottu.org has assumed the role of the town square in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. I … Continue reading Kottu.org 3 years old today

10+ year web-site

Since at least 1997 the Air sickness bag museum has posed the question: what does air sickness bag graphics says something about a country's identity? The site has let visitors democratically decide for themselves with clearly scanned images of airsickness bags sent in from people all over the world. The web-site itself is a 20th … Continue reading 10+ year web-site