Dealing with the addictive face of blogging

Been writing the longest comment I think I've ever left on someone else's blog. Did it again today though I'd planned to work on my billing this morning. 😦 But Nazreen's post got too many neurons buzzing. Have to face the fact that blogging has an addictive aspect. Some might say this is a trait … Continue reading Dealing with the addictive face of blogging


The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mohsin Hamid’s new book

Worth the risk of recomending even before I get my paws on it. But I'll throw in the following ass covering disclaimer: IF this book turns out (however improbably) to be a bad read don't ask me for a refund. You have been warned. Found a link from Kitabkhana to an interview with Pakistani writer … Continue reading The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mohsin Hamid’s new book

Memory Map to Bevis Bawa’s Brief

Fled the city heading south aboard SO's chariot. The destination: the other Bawa's hideaway. One of those frequently talked about things of "must do some day" that was acted on the last moment when the weekend was upon us. The seemingly vague directions at the end of an ancient infolanka article (hastily printed the night … Continue reading Memory Map to Bevis Bawa’s Brief

Important stuff in music

Went to a Bharata Natyam Recital held at the The British School in Colombo auditorium (a very spiffy place). Even spotted a bloggospheric celebrity in the audience. The event was part of the launch of Lirneasia's 3R initiative. But I went because I was desperate for a dose of good classical Indian music. The dance … Continue reading Important stuff in music

Barefoot Cafe Colombo

Not sure if I got the location right so feel free to correct me if I'm off track And No I didn't take the MiG out for a spin. A Google Earth screen grab of the possible location of the Barefoot Cafe, Colombo.

Word loss

Sounds like an excuse but it isn't. Blogging's harder than I thought with work, family, and a social life. Not for the lack of something to say, but the hideous amount of time needed to say it. The hardest part is justifying time spent on this activity when serious tasks are left in the waiting … Continue reading Word loss

Cycles of a wartime blogosphere

The Sri Lankan blogosphere is again resonating with the politics of the unavoidable - the country's profitable war. Eventually we shall crawl back to the pleasures of how one might wear a sarong (the best of the week) and the blandness of nit picking identity. The faithful will do their rants and finger pointing and … Continue reading Cycles of a wartime blogosphere