Barefoot Cafe Colombo

Not sure if I got the location right so feel free to correct me if I'm off track And No I didn't take the MiG out for a spin. A Google Earth screen grab of the possible location of the Barefoot Cafe, Colombo.


Word loss

Sounds like an excuse but it isn't. Blogging's harder than I thought with work, family, and a social life. Not for the lack of something to say, but the hideous amount of time needed to say it. The hardest part is justifying time spent on this activity when serious tasks are left in the waiting … Continue reading Word loss

Cycles of a wartime blogosphere

The Sri Lankan blogosphere is again resonating with the politics of the unavoidable - the country's profitable war. Eventually we shall crawl back to the pleasures of how one might wear a sarong (the best of the week) and the blandness of nit picking identity. The faithful will do their rants and finger pointing and … Continue reading Cycles of a wartime blogosphere

Dinner party Sun Tzu types

You have been cornered by one (or will). Or perhaps you want to be (or are) one and need an extra payload of phrases to hold forth. So some pickings for thy utterances. Sri Lankan airforce since 1971: a helpful overview of the Sri Lankan airforce since, well, 1971. The layout of their site is … Continue reading Dinner party Sun Tzu types

Personal history, Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Took part in a family ritual older than myself. A dana (alms giving) for monks at the Asokaramaya in Thimbirigasyaya. In memory for a grandfather who was gone before I was born. The event is a fixture in the childhood of humble self and the relevant cousins. Today's is my first as an adult. In … Continue reading Personal history, Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Shorts in Sri Lanka: Status Sambolism

First some disclaimers and mental health warnings. Will try to avoid any intentional puns such as a promise to keep this short (nearly titled this "Short symbolism"). However inadvertent punning may occur. The reader (you reading this) absolves the writer (me) and any comment writers including me of any negative outcomes resulting from encountering puns … Continue reading Shorts in Sri Lanka: Status Sambolism

Ali Farka Touré: musical genius passes

A master of spontaneously precise improvisation is no more (yes yes its a mouthful of an opening sentence but accurate so I will not repent). His last work, Savane, is a fitting monument which words fail to describe or do justice to. Best shut up and listen. The genius delivers the goods in his glorious … Continue reading Ali Farka Touré: musical genius passes