Facing a signature change

Change is inevitable but its nature is less certain. Been noticing a particularly personal change for the past few weeks, but the realisation struck home today. My signature has changed dramatically. Perhaps over the last few months. I'm used to seeing my signature being long yet forcing my paw to write it seems very unnatural. … Continue reading Facing a signature change


Car jackings with eggs: myth or fact?

Yes! a non-cricket post! About the possible birth of new urban myth, or the spread of an old one, or yet another face of violent crime in Colombo (yes yes a grammatically suspect sentence but it does the trick). Preamble There is no way to verify what I heard so I suppose I risk being … Continue reading Car jackings with eggs: myth or fact?

Why I am recomending a book I haven’t read

I'm definitely not being paid for it but I am anyway : risking credibility (the little that I have) for a book without reading it. Maybe is because with his 1st book, Mohsin Hamid proved himself to be a bloody good writer. From a the short reading from, The Reluctant Fundamentalist (his new book) in … Continue reading Why I am recomending a book I haven’t read

Media profits from massacres

Its a quiet day in the Sri Lankan blogosphere between the next terror attack and the cricket. Time for something controversial if not inflammatory. Shootings at educational institutions are made for news events. With a solid who, what, where and when. which can be trailed along as bait to the audience as the events unfold. … Continue reading Media profits from massacres

Sunday’s nationwide power outage

Power failures are such a intrinsic part of the whole third world experience that the local blogosphere seemed to have missed it. Perhaps there wasn't one and I'm dreaming this up. Or felt it wasn't worth a comment. Or I havn't read enough blogs. Well for the sake of history (and unless I'm proven wrong), … Continue reading Sunday’s nationwide power outage

Sign of development at Galle Face Green

Took the picture below yesterday (15th April 2007) at the only "official" entry/exit point to Galle Face (the Green being still closed). Seriously underestimated the Sunday evening crowds trying to squeeze past the entrance to the Galle Face Hotel. The optimism of the van drivers who thought they could find parking on that narrow artery … Continue reading Sign of development at Galle Face Green

Colombo’s Galle Face Green under (de)construction?

With the usual running spot closed for the holidays had to make do with the partially closed confines of Galle Face Green. Galle Face is still my favourite public space in Colombo to get a breath of clean air without the usual automotive perfumes. It is sad to see the place closed off and cut … Continue reading Colombo’s Galle Face Green under (de)construction?