WordPress CSS

Spent close to an hour trying out the themes available on worpdpress. In the end I came back to the theme I originally had - ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso. I have to admit I find the two image frame slightly annoying - I'd like to slap on an nice long strip of a header background … Continue reading WordPress CSS


Impressions of an hair show

Slithered out of work to a change of scenery - the Sunsilk Style International 2007 at the BMICH. It was put on by PHABA (pronounced "PABA"). Its the first time in my life that I've gone to such an event. The content of the show had nothing of relevance to me and my mental bright … Continue reading Impressions of an hair show

Mystery in the bottle

I do my evening running/jogging at a small cricket club. Its not a hip or elite place - mainly used school sports teams. Accept for maybe one other regular jogger most adults are in the bar. Or at tables hauled out from the club house onto the grass. The table cloths flap as I puff … Continue reading Mystery in the bottle

Words descend from the sky

Suddenly I have found a lot to say. Returning to Colombo makes me realise many things about the place with a vidiness I have not encountered on other continents. The sameness of the silly things. The whole VTDN attitude to things in general. Its too much to generalise. The story only makes sense through the … Continue reading Words descend from the sky

Not blogging about politics

That's about as easy as avoiding sand in the desert. Politics is the foundation of the Sri Lankan Blogosphere. The talking is rich and endless which make me feel that adding my bytes to the soup is not worth anyone's time. Feels as if anything worth while has already been said into the winds. Still … Continue reading Not blogging about politics

Colombo airport night arrival

This is my third (or possibly forth) transcontinental move. Upgraded my cattle class ticket to business with frequent flyer points and went home in style. The space and the treatment were quite grand; the food - quite yummy. In the lounge I realised that they do give out free booze rather generously with all that … Continue reading Colombo airport night arrival

Reluctant blogger

I have done more writing on some one else's blog than here. Have to admit that the biggest reluctance to making blog entries is knowing that I'm adding to the noise. Keeping my words terse is one compromise. The other is to stop this silly navel gazing and relax. Its only a blog.