Not blogging about politics

That's about as easy as avoiding sand in the desert. Politics is the foundation of the Sri Lankan Blogosphere. The talking is rich and endless which make me feel that adding my bytes to the soup is not worth anyone's time. Feels as if anything worth while has already been said into the winds. Still … Continue reading Not blogging about politics

Colombo airport night arrival

This is my third (or possibly forth) transcontinental move. Upgraded my cattle class ticket to business with frequent flyer points and went home in style. The space and the treatment were quite grand; the food - quite yummy. In the lounge I realised that they do give out free booze rather generously with all that … Continue reading Colombo airport night arrival

Reluctant blogger

I have done more writing on some one else's blog than here. Have to admit that the biggest reluctance to making blog entries is knowing that I'm adding to the noise. Keeping my words terse is one compromise. The other is to stop this silly navel gazing and relax. Its only a blog.

2 discoveries about blogging

The first made while bothering to read some blogs of assorted types: keep it short. The other - photography to gape in awe at.

So it begins

Never thought I would cave in like this and get a blog. So much for all that. Spent too much time trying to find a good blog name. Puttering around on a Latin dictionary site converting verbs. Had a few in mind such as exeo (which seems to have contradictory meanings) orbis (which has plenty … Continue reading So it begins