Last terrorist stronghold in Sri Lanka from Google Earth

Images below show Palamattalam/Puthumathalan area north of Mullativu which is among the last areas held by the LTTE terrorists. The Sri Lankan military launched an attack in this area enabling civilians held by the LTTE to escape. The result is a loss of hostages for the terrorists to use as human shields - something that the Life in Taprobane blog outlines the … Continue reading Last terrorist stronghold in Sri Lanka from Google Earth

Army wife’s story update

Just an update to the Army Wife's Story post. I'm told her husband is back from the combat zone on leave. Not sure if its permanent or not as I don't want to pry. He's still in the army. Iraq is still far away. But not as far away as it seemed two years ago.

Army wife’s story after 25 years of war

Crackers in the distance. They are celebrating the capture of elephant pass (Alimankada in Sinhala) I explained. "My husband must be there" she said with an uncertain mix of pride and worry. Which unit? I asked. Her answer surprised me. My expression prompted her to elaborate in a quiet matter a fact Sinhala. The tone … Continue reading Army wife’s story after 25 years of war

Soldiers’ stories

"Their bodies were stacked and burnt like fire wood". It was about first JVP Insurrection in 1971. The old solider had said it in quiet matter-a-fact Sinhala, looking at something invisible and far away. The words and the moment are among the fragments I can remember. The details of the story, like most childhood memories, … Continue reading Soldiers’ stories