Aerial Photos: Sri Lanka Floods

The Sri Lanka Airforce website has powerful photos of the current flooding. All taken from SLAF relief flights. The photos make words useless. Even the mundane ones hace a strangeness about them. The expressways standing neat and clean against the brown water. Rivers and the roads merged in the same flat colour. Each roof sticking … Continue reading Aerial Photos: Sri Lanka Floods

Batticaloa floods – aerial photographs

The Sri Lanka air force website has aerial photos of the flooding in Batticaloa and Ampara. It looks bad. Heartening to know that at least some aid is being flown in. Indi has a post with some links to making donations.

Recent Colombo flood damage: helicopter view

Aerial photographs of Colombo's flood damage are on the Sri Lanka Air Force website. These are the result of flood damage assessment flights carried out by the SLAF. Some parts of the city looks like spilt milk tea. My parent's place took a dip of sorts. Thankfully they were away. In typical fashion their neighbours … Continue reading Recent Colombo flood damage: helicopter view