Tribute : 2 well lived lives

There had to be something more than love at first sight. It was the early 1950s. How they met and where is a story too weird to publicise here. Even the astrologers didn’t see it. People from two continents getting married like that. There’s a tone of scandal when the older relatives talk about them. … Continue reading Tribute : 2 well lived lives

Confessions of a quantum mechanic

My job doesn't involve cats. Let's get that clear. It's the only certainty about my work. I've been a quantum mechanic for most of this century. It could be X or Z years. The exact number is unclear. In this business, the pace of evolution eats experience for a snack. Few things have a stable … Continue reading Confessions of a quantum mechanic

Sex vs love – a tale of two couples

That’s the correct title for Anna Karenina. I can understand why Tolstoy’s publisher’s marketing people axed the idea. Censorship difficulties. Fear of going viral with the wrong demographic: the church, the Tzar, the Cheka. A woman’s name carries a singular focus along with the chance to slap a pretty face on the cover. Enough to … Continue reading Sex vs love – a tale of two couples

Effects of reading stories from far away

A voice in my head demands books from far away places. The less I know of the place, the better. The story becomes the peephole into another human experience. Supposedly different, if not alien to my own. Reading Soyinka or maybe Maupassant started it. The experiences are not always fun. Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” terrifies me. … Continue reading Effects of reading stories from far away

Google makes me look good and that’s bad

A disturbing number of people are deluded enough to think I’m smart. They gasp at how I “know everything”. When I tell them that I “just Googled it”, the fact doesn’t register. Even among those who know what Google is. The fact is, I’m a keyboard operator who types in their question into Google. Then … Continue reading Google makes me look good and that’s bad