Sri Lankan Sci-Fi novel denounced

New sci-fi novel makes Sri Lankans face their nightmares.

Old relationship energy

Post caused by Gutter Flower’s brilliant post ‘New Relationship Energy’.

Sri Lankan Fascists’ Facebook plans leaked – DDN

Social media manipulation plans for promoting Fascism as a “cure” to Sr Lanka’s democracy has been leaked online. The right wing group behind it remains defiant. :: DDN exclusive.

Deleting social media

This blog is my only social media output. Its purpose: flush words out of my head. All the others eg twitter were dopamine hits. Vampiring the ultimate non renewing resource:time. Killing that vampire was easy. Just as delete the apps. This is different from a "social media fast". It has the finality of giving up … Continue reading Deleting social media

Educated Privilege

My extended family culture deemed higher education as essential. Us kids were drilled with the conviction that an undergraduate university degree was a ‘basic’ requirement for life. Women were not exempt. We were surrounded by graduate/post graduate aunts in various fields. Somewhere was a female grand relative with an international degree. Women who married without … Continue reading Educated Privilege

Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

Write at any moment. Wherever you are. Even for a few seconds at a time. Use the time windows between the demands of life to move words out of your head. One sentence at a time. Piling your sentences into complete pieces of writing. Let the result make you happy. It's what Nibble Writing's about. … Continue reading Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

Stiring the painting

The current painting is going no where. So some of the voices in my head moan from their cushions. True. There are layers and layers of paint and oil pastel and gel medium. A casualty of being the Sunday painter. As well as peckings during the the one spare on a week night.  Yet all … Continue reading Stiring the painting