The ignored side of Unix shell scripting

After a long time the voices have forced me to write a post about the shell script they made me write in the pre dawn hours.

Childhood Guns

Mine is a green WW2 era American machine gun. His is a Mauser ‘machine pistol’. I remember its box magazine and the ‘broom handle’ pistol grip. We are pointing the barrels into the camera lens. About them, our ten year old grins. The photo’s colours are a mix of faded oranges and black green shadows. … Continue reading Childhood Guns

13th year blogging

I started this blog 13 years ago today. It remains a transformative experience. There’s a social element to it - this is social media after all. Yet the biggest change is in the head. It’s made putting the output of mental activity into words a common practice. Which in turn makes you self aware of … Continue reading 13th year blogging

Writing 106 Words daily

I’ve made it a habit to write at least 106 words every day. Usually before dawn. I started on 24th December 2019. As of this writing, I’ve managed to spit out 7935 words in the last 37 days. There are a few rules. Avoid padding the word count. Short sentences. Simple words. Thoughts focused towards … Continue reading Writing 106 Words daily

Seeing clearly

Handwriting made up of scratchy lines pop into crisp shapes. It doesn’t matter that years of keyboarding has rendered penmanship to scrawl. Reading text on paper has stopped being a strain. The annoyance of frozen text size is gone. The relief has the feel of entering the cool shade of a tree in the glare … Continue reading Seeing clearly

Icarus Myth : it applies to you

The deeper message in the Icarus myth is ignored because it’s a powerful social control tool. It applies to you, me and all the other humans on this ball of rock going around the sun. The common understanding of “don’t fly too high” demands conformity. Makes virtues out of being “average”, celebrates giving up, and … Continue reading Icarus Myth : it applies to you

Surprise gift

I’m over halfway into close reading two fascinating books. ‘Close’ means ‘slow’ reading. With highlighting, notes, comments. Asides into looking up references of cited texts. Wikipediaing , Googling other works and backgrounds of cited authors. In the wings are the next two books. Evaluated by close reading a quarter of the way in to confirm … Continue reading Surprise gift