Post COVID social realities – are you ready?

As with all things, this plague too will pass. You will have to adapt to new post COVID realities. Some of which mean dealing with pre COVID social realities as well. When that happens, this field tested practical guide will come in handy. It involves the slippery process talking to self-proclaimed free-thinkers. You have to … Continue reading Post COVID social realities – are you ready?

Post 850 : 14 years of blogging

I started this blog 14 years ago today. It’s been a long decline since the spike of the early years. In the last few, the posting rate went off the cliff. The odd part is that my writing increased. While the blog’s been quiet, I’ve written more words than ever before. It goes into a … Continue reading Post 850 : 14 years of blogging

80,000 words in 274 days

What I've realised in writing a minimum of 106 words a day.

How a podcast changed my life

I started listening by accident in 2016. In small steps, it changed me over the years. Like greying hair, the changes took time to notice. When I trace those changes to a trigger, an influence, I’m led to this podcast. The first signs were physical. I started feeling refreshed, energised, focused. Free from the chains … Continue reading How a podcast changed my life

Long form podcasts

I stopped watching television somewhere in 2018. In 2019 I unplugged short-form social media from my life. Books and podcasts filled the gaps. Of the two, the podcasts have a direct visceral impact. They changed how I see the world. By contrast, books feed the subconscious. Their effect on my mental landscape happens at a … Continue reading Long form podcasts