Writing as thinking is NOT GOOD writing

Writing as a thinking process is not GOOD Writing. The two are very different. Here's how.


Find out if you actually value life in 2+mins

You might think you do. But do your actions really prove that? This 2min read gives a rough guide to finding out.

Kataragama Mysteries and Realisations

Realisations about Sri Lanka’s multi religious pilgrimage site.

French Baila

A short post on a kind of Baila music you won’t hear in Sri Lanka.

Why entrepreneurs are hated in Sri Lanka

From my experience of being taught to despise/hate entrepreneurship while serving time in Sri Lanka's school system.

Sri Lankan war’s forgotten turning point: key to reconciliation, not peace

The Sri Lankan war’s forgotten strategic turning point is becoming the key to long term reconciliation. Yet it may not lead to peace.

Powerful art show

Saw a contemporary art show in Colombo that had an unexpected personal impact. That's rare.