Obedience trap

Sri Lankans worship obedience. Obedience is dressed up as respect (for the unrespectable). We are conditioned to make it the default reaction to authority. It's an instinctive conditioning in any hierarchical society. Realising the stupidity of that mindset is critical to success in Sri Lankan society. The sooner you realise it, the better placed you … Continue reading Obedience trap

Are you auspicious now?

Each Sri Lankan new year strains my tolerance for auspicious times. It’s an idiotic practice. Symbolising the madness infecting the island and its culture of the last 40 years. If doing something at an auspicious time is a powerful factor in the outcome of anything, we Sri Lankans should be the most successful people on … Continue reading Are you auspicious now?

What Chat GPT says about Sri Lankan views of entrepreneurship

What follows is a direct copy paste (not the American spelling) of the Chat GPT out of the question "Explains why Entrepreneurship is not valued in Sri Lankan culture". It does a nice job of summing up things I've heard people rant about for years. Not bad no? But no good as well. There could … Continue reading What Chat GPT says about Sri Lankan views of entrepreneurship

16 years of blogging

I started this 16 years ago today. Here's the traditional link to that first fart. It's not a bumper year for posts. By the number of posts since this started is at an all-time low. Or so the stats tell me. The number of posts rather than visitors/views is what I watch. Ironic since my … Continue reading 16 years of blogging

Freedom from desire

My generation grew up with the wrong idea of freedom. Freedom meant fulfilling desires. The desire to watch porn instead of studying for mind-numbing exams. Escaping the tedious, stupid rules of Sri Lankan boys' schools. Having the pleasure of beating up the helpless - or the kick watching your cronies do it. It's the freedom … Continue reading Freedom from desire