Critical yet ignored life ritual

Humans have many rituals to keep their nostrils out of the water. Many of these critical rituals are internalised to the point of invisibility. This post puts one such ritual in context.


Sinhala Tamil New Year : a short cosmic review

A long view (cosmic time scale) of the past year.

I’m under surveillance

Thoughts on learning to live and come to terms with being under intensive surveillance.

Art Shit

An attempt to honestly describe: why I put paint on paper, how it is not art, why I reject any claim of being an “artist”.

12 years a blogger (or why still blog)

I hit publish on my first blog post twelve years ago today. It’s a blog anniversary bringing up the usual question: why blog ‘in this day and age’? The answer remains ‘because I have to’. This post attempts to explain why.

How Numbercaste scares me

The world in Yudhanjaya Wijeratne’s Numbercaste scares me more than Orwell’s 1984. This post is an exercise in overcoming that fear.

How Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis mindset is in all of us

A take on what Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis (circa late 2018) says about an inner Sri Lankan cultural psychological make up. This post is my attempt to make sense of it all in under three minutes.