Re-purposing a looting machine

Sri Lanka’s vaccine rollout is sabotaged by the founding core purpose of the Sri Lankan state: looting and killing. The fact that any vaccinating is happening is an act of defiance against its original DNA. It was created by its various parents - Império Português, Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie, British Empire - to facilitate looting. The looting … Continue reading Re-purposing a looting machine

Post virus vaccine dance

Current vaccines won't kill the virus or stop COVID's spread. Instead, they stop the vaccinated from dying. The plague will keep spreading through the vaccinated. After all, its aim is propagation. The host (people) dying is collateral damage beyond the perception (if it has any) of a COVID 19 virus particle. The best we can … Continue reading Post virus vaccine dance

Summit Flats Colombo demolition

Part of my childhood is slated for demolition. I grew up in an odd bit of public housing in Colombo called "Summit Flats" - an apartment complex built for the 1976 Non-aligned summit in Colombo. According to the daily noise, Urban Development Authority is demolishing the complex. The "Flat" marked out from an ancient Google … Continue reading Summit Flats Colombo demolition

2 yrs social media free 7 without TV

My "last" Tweet was over two years ago. Since then, I have deleted ALL social media apps on my phone. I gave up TV in 2014. Along with marrying Mrs C, they are among the best decisions I made. I free relaxed, happy, cleansed. There's nothing on my phone worth my attention. So I let … Continue reading 2 yrs social media free 7 without TV

Tribute : 2 well lived lives

There had to be something more than love at first sight. It was the early 1950s. How they met and where is a story too weird to publicise here. Even the astrologers didn’t see it. People from two continents getting married like that. There’s a tone of scandal when the older relatives talk about them. … Continue reading Tribute : 2 well lived lives