Kataragama Mysteries and Realisations

Realisations about Sri Lanka’s multi religious pilgrimage site.


French Baila

A short post on a kind of Baila music you won’t hear in Sri Lanka.

Why entrepreneurs are hated in Sri Lanka

From my experience of being taught to despite entrepreneurship while serving time in Sri Lanka's school system.

Sri Lankan war’s forgotten turning point: key to reconciliation, not peace

The Sri Lankan war’s forgotten strategic turning point is becoming the key to long term reconciliation. Yet it may not lead to peace.

Powerful art show

Saw a contemporary art show in Colombo that had an unexpected personal impact. That's rare.

Why Anthropology texts on Sri Lanka are thrilling reads

The reason is deeper than I thought.

Unique perspective on IPKF operations Jaffna 1988-89

The Indian Peace Keeping Force’s (IPKF) operations is one of many tragedies in Sri Lanka's history. A podcast by an ex US Navy SEAL examines it from a military history/counter insurgency perspective as meditation on the nature of discipline The centre of the discussion is the book Assignment Jaffa by IPKF commander Lt Gen SC … Continue reading Unique perspective on IPKF operations Jaffna 1988-89