Time: a true measure of space

I measure distance with travel time. Not by fixed the impersonality of metres and kilometres. So my perception of distance is fluid. Stretching and shrinking based on where I am, where I am going, how I’m going, when I travel, the parking or available transport, . So my idea of the “distance” from Colombo Fort … Continue reading Time: a true measure of space

Original Sri Lankan Hackers

They built Sri Lanka’s bridges, roads, power grid, dams and other infrastructure we take for granted. You may have heard a few names - Wimalasurendra, Kularathne - in passing. The rest never got the recognition required to be forgotten. Yet their work still stands. Despite a decaying state bureaucracy poisoned by Sri Lanka’s feudal politics. This … Continue reading Original Sri Lankan Hackers

Interesting Sri Lanka Air Force combat aircraft line up on Google Maps

There is an interesting line of Sri Lanka Air Force combat aircraft and helicopters (possibly helicopter gunships) on Google Maps (satellite view). In the tradition of my old Google Earth Posts I have included included a screen shot. For the nosy types, here's the Google Maps satellite view link. Both show a tight line up … Continue reading Interesting Sri Lanka Air Force combat aircraft line up on Google Maps

School drop off music

These days I drop the offspring units at their schools. It's a consequence of my new schedule. Though I would rather like to brag that my secret short cut skills had something to do with it. To keep the critters quiet, I've devised a play list that's off the main stream road. Here's a sample: … Continue reading School drop off music

Emergency bird sitter (jailer)

I was an emergency bird sitter over the weekend. Delighted offspring units told me my new status when I staggered home from work. The cage with it's chirping prisoner was already on the living room floor. I was not delighted at all. As a vegetarian I don’t like animals. Beyond that, I feel that life … Continue reading Emergency bird sitter (jailer)

Before skill becomes a talent

Drawing the human figure is not a talent. It is a hand-eye coordination skill. Systematic instruction and lots of focused practice will get any student drawing representations of the human form. Even a talentless shit like Cerno managed it. The proof is in the Flickr gallery at end of this post. Using skill to create … Continue reading Before skill becomes a talent

Have you spoken to your cousins lately?

Three kids meant a small family in my parents’ generation. That vast cast of aunts and uncles is unthinkable now. In my generation, that crowd of siblings is replaced by cousins. Looking back, not being siblings made friendships easier. Our relationships escaped the inevitable frictions between siblings. In its place a sense of kinship through … Continue reading Have you spoken to your cousins lately?