OS X Geektool Desktop

After much delay here’s my contribution to the computer desktop festival 🙂 I won’t bore you with the excuses.

OS X desktop screen grab

I use Geektool heavily to turn my desktop into a dashboard. Its far better than Apple’s infernal widget ridden annoyance..

At the bottom is the met dept’s sat image which gets automatically grabbed every 12hrs. Its the surest way I know if its rain 🙂

The calendar on the top right is output from the cal UNIX app assisted with a sprinkling of shell scripting. Web browser is Camino which I use almost exclusively to access wordpress. I use 3 other browsers but that’s another story.

The floating Earth and Moon are two “eye candy” applications called Earth-dock and Moon Dock. Had them for years.

I use my mac via the command-line hence the heavily customised terminal app that is launched at log in.

I’ll post links to these apps when I get the time. But enough about my Geeky computing habits.

Here’s a list of peeps who haven’t yet joined in who ought to have some interesting desktops:

  • Web Alochana – hoping to see a interestingly Sinhala/biligual desktop
  • His Rythmicness – a fruit user no doubt. Will there be a drumkit in the picture?
  • Sittingnut – unlikely he has a desktop pic of Anne Rand but I shouldn’t speculate.
  • Indi – how about a staring role for the Kottu admin screen?
  • Dilantha -Which disto of Linux would it be?
  • Lost Landscape – definitely like to see that portable firefox in use on some internet cafe box

Geek With an Attitude has put out an early shot 🙂


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