Armoured trishaw (3 wheeler) photos

Armoured three wheelers did exist outside my feeble excuse for imagination. This is what the most documented type of Armoured three wheeler looked like (image from

I have to admit I never actually visualised one. Its called a Filatov armoured car. It was used by the Red Army during the war in the 1920s following the Russian revolution. There’s further historical information on for the curious.

There’s a slide show of historical images on flickr showing the Filatov three wheeled armoured car in action.

For some colour, there’s a photo of scale model.

Personally I think the design looks a bit outlandish if not impractical. Its natural I suppose. This was a time when the new technologies of the automobile, motorised armour and the machine gun were being stewed together for the nasty business of killing humans. The resulting experiments naturally spit out strange mutants. Its the same principle for anything new.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Armoured trishaw (3 wheeler) photos

  1. Angel: 🙂 I think that’s outside my expertise, time and pocket!

    Me-shak : Thankfully the war’s over 😀 That front wheel looks too vulnerable to me. I doubt if it will have much of a hope against modern weapons.


      1. 😆 I don’t drink Milo – well not that much anyway 🙂 The exposed front wheel is what makes these contraptions look a joke. To me at least….


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