More blog post “thefts”

My post “Lakbima prints Cerno’s post without asking” has be “grabbed” by a web-site in China. No doubt to make money off Google ads as detailed on Letters Home to You. Seems a lot of blogs got “hit” this way. I had a link in my original post to that links to another post within my blog. As a result I got a ping back, which is how I know.

I suppose I’ll have to do the “right” thing and complain to Google ad sense. The only reason I got any kind of “back link” is because of a link I had placed in my own content. And I suppose I should clarify things on my so called “copyright” notice.

I have to admit the layers of irony involved in this is quite dense and yummy for the dry humour types out there.

So I thought I’d share.


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