Kottu.org turns 15 today

Long forgotten Sri Lankan blog aggregator kottu.org went live 15 years ago (details at the end of this post). For most of the handful of people who are reading this, the previous sentence will read as an irrelevance. kottu.org is an artefact of Sri Lanka’s early 21st century “Digital Culture”. I had the privilege of … Continue reading Kottu.org turns 15 today

13th year blogging

I started this blog 13 years ago today. It remains a transformative experience. There’s a social element to it - this is social media after all. Yet the biggest change is in the head. It’s made putting the output of mental activity into words a common practice. Which in turn makes you self aware of … Continue reading 13th year blogging

Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

Write at any moment. Wherever you are. Even for a few seconds at a time. Use the time windows between the demands of life to move words out of your head. One sentence at a time. Piling your sentences into complete pieces of writing. Let the result make you happy. It's what Nibble Writing's about. … Continue reading Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

Writing as thinking is NOT GOOD writing

Writing as a thinking process is not GOOD Writing. The two are very different. Here's how.

Don’t just like it: like button alternative

Social media like buttons are conversation killers. They reduce engagement to a lazy gesture. Just grunt your approval and shuffle on. Each passing month reinforces that "feeling". It is satisfying to see a few stars pop up after a post. Yet it indicates a barrier to conversation. These days it seems to take more effort … Continue reading Don’t just like it: like button alternative