Don’t just like it: like button alternative

Social media like buttons are conversation killers. They reduce engagement to a lazy gesture. Just grunt your approval and shuffle on. Each passing month reinforces that "feeling". It is satisfying to see a few stars pop up after a post. Yet it indicates a barrier to conversation. These days it seems to take more effort … Continue reading Don’t just like it: like button alternative


What are you blogging about?

I got too many unfinished posts lounging around the drafts folder. It's the nature of Nibble Writing. Easier to start and keep tinkering than to finish. An example : the "story" of a train delay and its possible political fall out. It has sprouted too many versions. Needing much delayed hard fisted editorial focus. On … Continue reading What are you blogging about?

Picture of Blog Decay

This is a picture of a decaying blog. Creative statistical massage will get you the same conclusion via different paths. I used to consider it a miracle if I made two posts a month. Now one a month is a challenge. Yet the bigger miracle is that I still get traffic. Most of those who … Continue reading Picture of Blog Decay

Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

Write at any moment. Wherever you are. Even for a few seconds at a time. Use the time windows between the demands of life to move words out of your head. One sentence at a time. Piling your sentences into complete pieces of writing. Let the result make you happy. It's what Nibble Writing's about. … Continue reading Tools For Writing Anywhere Anytime

No time to write? Try this life hack.

I don’t have time to write. So I jot words on the phone in the spare seconds scattered across the day. I call it Nibble Writing. It’s a life hack typical of the time starved. Not a saviour of writing dreams squeezed off the clock by the practical demands of staying alive. Nibble Writing can … Continue reading No time to write? Try this life hack.

9th blog aniversary

9th blog anniversary post

Happy 10th birthday

According to my calculations Sri Lankan Blog aggregator is 10 years old today! The domain name was first registered on March 17, 2005 though that's not an indication of a "launch date". has certainly come a long way it lurched onto the scene. Some of us oldies certainly have fond memories of it. Head wear … Continue reading Happy 10th birthday