Humans need accountable AI design

Why we must demand transparency/auditing on AI , Machine Learning algorithm design AND the data quality used to "train" AIs.


Five thousand years later

Five thousand years later I can still see the bend of our river. A curve of hissing, foaming power. Coiling white against the high plateau of our village. Its black mass topped by the rampart's teeth. Waiting to impale the setting sun. Inside those ramparts is my universe. I am seeing it from the outside … Continue reading Five thousand years later

Most self centred blog post you’ll ever read

I bet you have NEVER read one THIS self centred. I certainly haven't. I don't write such blog posts. But this "issue" is at the point where someone MUST say something. That someone is not me. So I end up writing this. So what's the fuss? If you ask me, "The Problem" is a silly … Continue reading Most self centred blog post you’ll ever read

Remember Google?

Not many people remember Google these days. Most need to look it up. A sad irony for a company whose name was once a verb for that very act. Now it is a historical foot note. An academic short hand for dominance killed by ecological shifts. At its peak, Google's algorithms defined human knowledge in … Continue reading Remember Google?

Migrant’s Pineapples

I left Italy when I was sixteen. It was just after the war. There was nothing to eat. Everything was damaged, broken. Our ship stopped in Ceylon. A place call Gorl. There was this fellow loading pineapples onto the ship. It was the first time I saw one. I asked him what it was. He … Continue reading Migrant’s Pineapples

Curfew, moonlight, and Sri Lanka’s War

Curfew. An adult word. Floats across the power cut dark to the veranda. To us kids sitting around the carom board. Lit by a candle on an upturned Milo tin. Curfew. A thrilling word. It means no school. Waking late. Street cricket. Assorted fun with the gang along the lane. My ears pick up other … Continue reading Curfew, moonlight, and Sri Lanka’s War

Reader’s book recommendations for a writer – part last

This is the last book recommendation post for Yudhanjaya Wijeratne. It’s under three minutes of reading time. So you have more time to read these books. Or the first and second posts of book recommendations. Why bother with all this? These posts are not guerrilla marketing. I’m not a fan boy. Just someone whose been … Continue reading Reader’s book recommendations for a writer – part last