The first 268628 Words

In the last 711 days, I've written 268628 words. The quota is a minimum of 106 words a day. It started in December 2019. Despite gaps, the writing activity is one of the few anchors to my routine. I never expected to create such a word pile. Little of that output is for public consumption. … Continue reading The first 268628 Words

80,000 words in 274 days

What I've realised in writing a minimum of 106 words a day.

1st typewriter blog post for 2020

Wrote the first draft of this post on a manual typewriter. It’s been a while since I did a typewriter post. Which makes writing about the sensations of using a manual - Lettera 22 - an unavoidable topic for the post in this digital age. The lack of a back space key is obvious. The … Continue reading 1st typewriter blog post for 2020

Road trips during a plague

Traveling for its own sake is an education. Making both the luxuries of privilege. Road trips in a time of a plague is madness. Besides getting sick, there are mountains of logistical barriers. Curfew passes, securing lodging, fuel, scared locals. The list goes on if you spend time worrying about it. If you have the … Continue reading Road trips during a plague

106 days writing 106+ words daily

I’ve written a minimum of 106 words every day for the last 106 days. The story in words and pictures.