Beating the wife

It is not the first time and certainly not the last time I beat Mrs C at Scrabble. Mrs C didn’t show me the score (which she kept) but said that I had won by a “big margin”. I’m quite sure that Mrs C didn’t “let” me win. I was lucky enough to get letter to unleash a six letter words – with quite a few sitting on a “Double Word Score”. Even managed to get a nice big triple letter score word or two as well. At the very end of the game I was stuck with a Z on a crowded board. With ridiculous luck I was able to get rid of it. Another life saver was being able to link together a fat scoring couple of words with one letter.

Thankfully Mrs C isn’t serious about winning at scrabble – she just likes to play it. Particularly since bare handed while boar hunting season is over. Of course I’m not sure how long this streak of luck will last. For all I know it could already be over.


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