Post COVID social realities – are you ready?

As with all things, this plague too will pass. You will have to adapt to new post COVID realities. Some of which mean dealing with pre COVID social realities as well. When that happens, this field tested practical guide will come in handy. It involves the slippery process talking to self-proclaimed free-thinkers. You have to … Continue reading Post COVID social realities – are you ready?

Astrologers blamed for COVID-19 crisis

It’s an inauspicious start to the Sinhala-Tamil new year for Sri Lanka’s astrologers. Sri Lankans are lashing out at their astrologers for failing to raise the alarm about the COVID-19 crisis. The rage of a nation entering its first month under an indefinite curfew is growing. Curfew defying mobs outside the offices of prominent astrologers … Continue reading Astrologers blamed for COVID-19 crisis

Sri Lankan Fascists’ Facebook plans leaked – DDN

Social media manipulation plans for promoting Fascism as a “cure” to Sr Lanka’s democracy has been leaked online. The right wing group behind it remains defiant. :: DDN exclusive.

Sri Lanka signs joint defence treaty

Sri Lanka’s treaty with its nuclear armed neighbour has changed the region’s strategic landscape.

Why Sri Lankans are late (the REAL reason)

It's a 3+ minute read about power and intimacy.