How to build your own Radar update – 2 videos

Found two interesting videos that talk about building your own radar system using cheap/discarded hardware. Naturally it does require quite a bit of brain power. However the videos themselves are easy to follow (relative to the topic at hand). For an overview of what exactly I’m talking about read my conceptual overview on how to build a radar.

Build your own Synthetic Aperture Radar

Talk by MIT student Michael Scarito at DEFCON 19 “hacker” conference. There’s a bit of math involved as well as intimidating phrases about writing software. However the end of the video has some tips on getting your hands on some cheap hardware.


Build a Radar from Satellite Dish Parts – Speed Radar Basics


A fun video by electrical engineer Jeri Ellsworth on the basics of making a directional radar (the type used by traffic police to nail you speed demons). I guess it could be aircraft related if you to the equipment and the range to catch speeding aircraft.

For those of you with raised eyebrows who have read this far: I’m not a ubre engineer or hard tech genius. But Google considers me a bit of an authority in the field and hence has a fragile reputation to keep. Plus I do find this sort of stuff genuinely interesting. If I had the intelligence to actually build this stuff I definitely would.


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