Lakbima issue- a positive twist: taking the blogosphere to the mainstream?

So much for lasts posts. Just at the craziest time (wedding stuff) in my life, comments are flying in when I have the least time to log in and moderate them. More are landing as I write. So I will be taking off the moderation in order to keep the conversation going. Hopefully I won’t be swamped by spam when I get back. Best I can do is ask the mellowness of RD to post a comment of calm.

Got more than a few comments posted by people form Lakbima news (or at least they claim to be from Lakbima news :).

They seem to be genuine about positively engaging the blogosphere and going through a learning curve (and understandably defensive ;). Lets be patient and give them a chance. Please don’t give into the temptation unload a barrage of cynicism.

But they will also have to learn fast and stay consistent with their action since I feel that many in the blogosphere are more suspicious than I am.

confab: Its clear that you are frustrated by the reception you got when you tried to call the powers that be. I totally sympathise with you. But it looks like you efforts were not in vain. So I hope you will hold back your anger till some understanding evolves.

I’d like to beg the bloggers out there to keep the conversation civil and work towards a series of positive win-win arrangements so that blog content can appear in the mainstream media. The details will have to be discussed and sorted out by talking with level head and not by insults. The key ingredients for blogger/mainstream media good will are (I think):

  1. Link etiquette (link backs and URLs in print)
  2. contact before posts are used – either through e-mails or comments. (This clearly needs to be sorted out).

Found these links that point to a few handy topics of blog etiquette which I hope will act as a starting point for something positive.

Never thought I’d be even thinking about mainstream media/blogger collaboration. I guess I got to think on the fly while a wedding looms and high strung relatives fly about fussing over seating plans (how many time I have massaged Excel sheets of names).

Arg I have to go. Don’t know when I’ll be about to log on again. The worst possible time for this to happen.

Fingers crossed

8 thoughts on “Lakbima issue- a positive twist: taking the blogosphere to the mainstream?

  1. Cerno – First of all please accept my wishes for a good wedding and a very happy marriage.

    On the Lakbima issue I have also published a post. I am happy to accept things and move on. It looks as if all our voices had a good effect.


  2. i’m actually happy of the outcome. but i’m just frustrated by the way they treated me. but as u say cerno, if my efforts were not in vain, and they actually came out and apologised, then i’m happy:) but i will not be taken for a fool.
    ok too many buts.
    happy wedded life!


  3. ahhh marriage… brings back memories of long long ago… good luck and keep the faith, man!

    i think the intent of Lakbima has been positive and we should all come together to make this blogger-mainstream media union a grand success.


  4. Hmm…that’s good to hear that they are finally owning up. Its funny about the comment about not being able to get in touch with anonymous bloggers, all one has to do is leave a comment! Looks like the bru-hah this time was a bit much to hide under the carpet.

    Lets see if they keep to their word and give Lakbima the benefit of the doubt.


  5. I still don’t buy this whole thing about Lakbima failing to get in touch with the respective bloggers. I know RD and Cerno have comment moderation in place so any comment will be seen and read by these gents before appearing on their blogs. Lakbima’s excuse is bullshit.

    At the end of the day, though, I can see the positives – it’s great that bloggers will stand a chance of having their work displayed on mainstream media – but I wish Lakbima hadn’t been so underhand in their methods.

    Rajpal, you are still an embarrassment to journalists everywhere.


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