Read any good blog posts this week?

Did you read a post that you think would qualify for the Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts book project this week? If you do place nominate it. The blosophere is a fickle place where even the good stuff goes under the bridge. Its only the scandles and the blog wars that flicker dimly on in the memory.

To recap the rules about nominating posts:

  • You can’t nominate a post that you wrote (even if it is written on another blog).
  • You have to give URL of and title of each post you are nominating (ideally as a link)
  • Describe the post in 5 sentences or less (to keep it short and to the point)
  • State why you think this particular post deserves to be included in the top 100.
  • Add a link to your post in the comment box of this post (this is important of I’ll miss your nomination)

All nominations will be scrutinised but the Super Secret Committee for Scrutinising Nominations (SSCSN).

Please note that the committee will only consider bribes ABOVE 1 billion US dollars. Bribes must be paid in advance (ideally in small denominational unmarked bills in recyclable brown paper bags). NO refunds are possible to if the nomination is rejected.

Nominations for posts viewed as being even vaguely supportive of  cannibalism and/or written/nominated by people suspected of being vaguely supportive of  cannibalism will be rejected without being dignified with an explanation.


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