LTTE airstrip Iranamadu – a cockpit view

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Landing approach or strafing run (fantasise away). Simulated with Google Earth. Link to Google Earth location info for the lazy types and to Wikimapia types. Note the flame war going on the comments for the spot.

The satellite imagery is pre-2005 as the air strip is supposed to have been paved as of 2005. It was attacked a few times by the Sri Lankan air-force.

A write up about the raid carried out by aircraft supposedly operating from this airstrip. The real aim of the raid is to help well connected government politicians and arms dealers to make a killing with poorly documented air defence tenders..

The take off run for the Zlin aircraft used in the raid is a fraction of the full length of the runway (you may begin speculating now). I bet the 1km+ length was meant to get the Sri Lankan government to start thinking about an air defense policy. How ever its rather futile to assume that the Sri Lankan government CAN think through such things (they leave strategic policy to newspaper columnists and dinner Sun Tzu’s). Anyway 5 years is not enough time to think these things up.
There is supposed to be another airstrip in Pudukuduiruppu whose location might be “26 km northwest of Mullaitivu“. But I don’t have too much time to find these things. Back to toil…


11 thoughts on “LTTE airstrip Iranamadu – a cockpit view

  1. Maf: Glad you like the post and thank you for the info 😀
    You blog URL was misspelled but I figured it out so you are now blog rolled here!


  2. Most likely that is what is happening. Buliding such a comparatively huge airstrip, paving it to get it bombed is a bit silly. Must be for properganda purposes (or maybe the LTTE keeps over estimating the brain power of our rulers).


  3. You fellas are right Zlins never used the decoy big runway but, the small airstrip near the bund road ! I told the guys ar defent abt it …but, they never believed me. So SLA a captured it 2 days ago nice huh ! But, the Zlins are in Mullaitivu now. So do ya think Fatass VP will try a Zlin run to TNadu ?
    Cerno mate, ya had it right all along ! See ya !


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