Site of Sri Lankan war stories from Google Earth

Rare account of a Sri Lanka air force ground operation and a tale of cool headed courage under fire. The place – a forgotten corner of the Jaffna lagoon 10 years ago. During the grim run up to the fall of Elephant pass. The image below shows the general area. Here’s a link to images of jaffna lagoon on Google maps if you want o explore the area. Satellite imagery is a great way to stay off the land mines no?

The medals have long since been awarded. Even the photographs look ancient in their sepia tones. It would have become another forgotten foot note in a long war somewhere third world if Irrp of Camp Steel Wire hadn’t posted the story on his blog.

The LRRP blog’s story is about an SLAF salvage operation to prevent a crashed gunship from falling into LTTE hands. David Blacker has a blog post (far better than this one) about the demise of the helicopter. Its pilot, Squadron Leader Tyron Silvapulle was later awarded the Parama Weera Vibushanaya, Sri Lanka’s highest award for bravery. Now you have links to to tales of bravely under fire in one post.

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