Bevis Bawa’s Brief garden – how to get there: map, directions, photos of landmarks

This post contains a map to Bevis Bawa’s Brief garden and images of landmarks mentioned on the map. They are listed in the order of the numbers on the map.
A Tentative map to Bevis Bawa's Brief

Update with Google Map – 2012


The map (as you can see from the many ass covering disclaimer on it) is not anywhere near GPS accurate. The map is drawn from memory based on my first visit to Bevis Bawa’s Brief gardens early 2007 – after getting quite lost. The images were taken on a second visit in mid 2007. Things may have changed (even for Sri Lanka).

I make no claims about the accuracy of this information of the safety factors of using this route. You use the information in this post at your own risk. Whatever happens to you is your responsibility. Having said all that, please post any corrections/updates to the route using the comment box below. They will be gratefully welcomed.

1. Mango Tree Junction

The turn off to Dharga town. When I took this photo in mid 2007, there is was a small Buddhist shrine. Chances are it should still be there.

Mango Tree Junction - turn off to Dharga Town

2. Mosque like building

I’m betting that this building IS a mosque. If marks a right turn you have to take. There should be some goats lounging around. I’m not sure how good these animals are as landmarks so I am using the building as a land mark. If in doubt, ask the local humans. The goats looked stoned and seemed only interested in grass.
Mosque - route to Bevis Bawa's Brief Gardens

3. “Brief” garden sign

This sign marks another right turn off in to a narrower road.

Sign to Bevis Bawa's Brief Garden

Here’s a close up of it

Sign to Bevis Bawa's Brief Garden - close up

One lane road over marsh

After you pass the “Brief” sign you’ll have to use this one lane road built on a causeway over a marsh. I’m betting that it hasn’t been widened – this IS Sri Lanka after all. There is no room for two vehicles going opposite directions to pass. You’ll have to negotiate with the oncoming vehicle as to who has to back up to the top of the road. I have noticed that some of the locals tend to race madly along in the hope of discouraging oncoming traffic not to get on the causeway. Be careful when reversing. If you go off the road its about 1 metre drop into the mud.

One lane road over marsh on route to Bevis Bawa's Brief garden - Sri Lanka

4. Final Turn off to Bevis Bawa’s Brief Garden

This turn off is a hairpin turn to the left that leads you up a narrow road at a 3 way junction. On my first visit there used to be a small blue wooden sign pointing to “Brief”. It wasn’t there on the second visit when this image was taken.
Final Turn off  to Bevis Bawa's Brief Garden

The narrow road – chances are it will not be paved – will lead to the first of the circular drives with the famous sculpted gates. Here is a detail shot:
Gate post detail - Bevis Bawa's Brief graden
The arty black and white I’m using here is to cover up the fact that the pictures were badly exposed. Taking out the colour was the only way to get away with it.

Hope you find this post useful. Wish you a safe fun visit. Please let me know how it went. I hope you care to blog about it as well.

21 thoughts on “Bevis Bawa’s Brief garden – how to get there: map, directions, photos of landmarks

  1. I am Glad That Someone[Cerno] Writing online about my town (Dharga Town) ,
    Its very interseting that you manage to Draw a map too .
    You’r almost correct on all the opinion , but security ..


  2. Please send me a contact number of Bawa’s Garden. Because we are planning to visit this place & to get information.

    Thanks & Kind Regards,


  3. Sumithra: Unfortunately I don’t any contact info ๐Ÿ˜ฆ We just found out way to Brief originally based on a few rough directions. Hopefully the map and the photos will help. Asking the locals if you get lost – worked out for us when we did. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Safe travels and have a good visit!


  4. Andrew: Nope ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Not sure if the place is that well documented. My older post has few URLs of articles about the Brief gardens. You could try contacting the authors.

    A good point of contact might be Dominic Sansoni who has photographer Brief quite a bit.

    All the best with your feature. Please post a link to it if it goes on line or where it will be published. Curious to read it.


  5. I was at Brief over the weekend and your directions helped a lot. And yes even the goats were there. The trip was well worth it, even though the 3 wheeler guy charged Rs.900/-.


    1. Happy to hear that I’m handing some useful info ๐Ÿ˜€ Great photos by the way. You are lucky to get charged Rs.900 – it could have been worse ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. If anyone wants the number or the contact detail of Brief Garden, go to

    this is owned by well known Landscaping Designer now, who’s name is mr. dooland de silva. his contact details are also in the above link…

    nice place to see.. you get your self a good camera (a DSLR or a DXLR ) and get lost in the landscapes of the brief and you’ll not return in a year.. you have million things to capture on your camera where you will have to carry at least 16Gigs of Memory ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Hi Cerno, it seems really useful the informaton you have published. Thanks. We are expecting to visit the place next week.


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