2 good posts I read recently

I’m shocked I even have the time to peck this out. Let alone wonder amongst blogs for very long. But two very readable posts caught my attention. They have a gut level truth that hit me even when I was tired out and sleepy.

The first post was by the Gypsy. What she says and how she says it keeps getting polished and sharper by each post. Her recent post “for The Missing” is an example of that process. Its rare to have good writing express something unfrivolous.

The other post is by Chavie expresses a sentiment that I have long felt but didn’t have the words for. Particularly during my years in exile. Now I thankfully don’t have to ;). He communicates that sentiment in “This post was in the pipeline for far too long” simply and honestly with a sense of non malicious humour (a rare commodity these days).

I decided not to summarise both posts. Its too hard and why bother when the authors have put it better than I can. So click on and give them a read. Both posts have some interesting and surprising civil discussions. Hopefully you’ll contribute in that same vein.


8 thoughts on “2 good posts I read recently

  1. Thanks for the mention Cerno. There’s just so much craziness in this country, I thought I’d exercise my creative muscle trying to say something about it.


  2. thebohemiangypsy: You are welcome 🙂 Your writing is sharp as ever. Its hard for me to think that you were not describing a scene from personal experience..

    slamdunk : Happy you found them interesting 🙂

    Chavie: Thank YOU for a great post. It did get me at a personal level – but a confidentiality agreement with the voices in my head prevents me from disclosing more…


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