Another New Theme Update

I loved my ultra minimal Edin theme while I used it. Now it's time for a change. So I'm shifting the focus from showing the full text of the post on the front page. Instead a "magazine". After 700+ post I feel I should give the old stuff an airing. The new theme is the … Continue reading Another New Theme Update

2 Sri Lankan bloggers worth your time

One is a photographer. The other is a poet. Each I feel has a rare mastery of her medium. Your attention to their work will be well rewarded. The photographer is Aamina Nizar. I blogged about her years ago. She sort of “went” off line for a while. She’s back with a new blog. … Continue reading 2 Sri Lankan bloggers worth your time

New Look 2

A new theme in less than a month. Not a very good trend. Last time there was a 5 year gap between such changes. The problem with being a minimalist is that small things end up mattering. Specially when there isn't clutter. I loved the typography of the previous Syntax theme. What got me were … Continue reading New Look 2

My new look

Its been a while. Which in itself, justifies the change. Nearly 5 years since I last did it. Perhaps I should have waited another month. But I'm tired of anniversaries and impatient. As you can see, the progression to the minimal continues. The emphasis is now squarely on what is written. Though the "meta" stuff … Continue reading My new look

I’m being followed

Centuries ago I set up a Twitter account linked to this blog. Through the wizardry of and twitter, a tweet is generated when ever I defecate a blog post. I don't ever recall login to tweet outside this blog. Recently using borrowed time that I will never repay, I logged into my twitter account … Continue reading I’m being followed