Graphic Design Sri Lanka

Graphic design, illustration, and symbolism in Sri Lanka: links to related blog posts and images

Overview: Documenting Graphic Design in Sri Lanka

I’ve been haphazardly taking pictures of signage and other types of publicly visible graphic design in Sri Lanka. Haphazard in that its tricky to whip out a camera when speeding by a chariot. Additionally I’m extra careful not to be toting a camera around any kind of government installation. The LTTE is a pretty cunning terror outfit and I don’t blame the local security types for being paranoid.

The links below are for posts that have anything to do with my collection of Sri Lankan graphic design images. If you got any images online please please send me the link 😀

Dominic’s comment is partly to blame for the creation of this page 😉

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16 thoughts on “Graphic Design Sri Lanka

  1. wow, Cerno…
    cutting edge of contemporary Sri Lankan art is here..thats when them busses cut you off ,with a way of driving , an art to recon with..
    i guess its time u embark on a net crusade to document all this stuff, never know one of these days we may pay a few Ks to buy a coffe table book of Pix by Cerno…
    how about a web page, also give us a mail adress to forward a few..


  2. I’m curious as to how owners/drivers commission this kind of art? Are there professionals (in a sense) who they go to in order to get the old fashioned back-of-truck/bus scenery painted? (Before the age of photoshop and stickers that is)


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  4. Hullo Cerno,

    Got an invitation for you. Can you mail me (—Edited out by Cerno to protect email from spam bots—), so I can send it along?



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