BMW Peugeot three wheel taxi (Trishaw)

Trishaw (three wheel taxi) in the image below has an interesting use of BMW/Peugeot logos/car emblems. Most like those exalted European car makers will cringe. But I admire the style of this Euro car fan πŸ˜‰ Of course don’t forget to note the fancy fake chrome add-ons.

It is obviously not as complex as the BMW pick-up truck. However, this is the first time I have seen car logos used in this way on the three wheeler. Not sure if he logos are real or custom built. I’m betting that they were salvaged from a scrap heap. He is clearly a Peugeot since the BMW logo get a not so prominent place. But its distinctive colour is the first thing that caught my eye. Click on the image to see the details on its fllickr page.

Have you spotted anything similar?

Trishaw (Three wheel taxi) with BMW and Peugeot car emblems - Colombo, Sri Lanka


10 thoughts on “BMW Peugeot three wheel taxi (Trishaw)

  1. Unfortunately no. But I’ve seen several variation of that.. should be able to catch one on my phone cam sooner or later.


  2. Bimal: Be careful out there trying to photograph and drive. Specially if ultra suspicious security folk catch you. If it is even remotely risky don’t try – it is not worth it. Practically all the pics I have were taken when some else was driving or when I got the passenger to take the shot.


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