Kick ass poetry worth checking out

I avoid poetry as a survival instinct. There are a few poets that make the exception. Bukowski for one. Green Tea diaries is another. The first is dead. The second is not as prolific as she used to be. Thankfully there’s the latest member of the trinity “Life that Demands to be Noticed”. I’ve blogged briefly about her but that hardly does any justice. She’s hitting her stride of late. The latest, titled “Invisible” is quite the gem. A long slow intelligent twist on internet selfie fame. “Your love” packs similar power but on a different theme (not what you think it is). Its not the kind of stuff you can neatly categorise and file away. As you glide down each poem, interesting things happen. The weak become strong in non stereotypical ways. Simple helplessness becomes complicated. A lot more happens. Don’t take my clumsy words for it. Check it out yourself at


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